What happen when dog licks you? 5 Fascinating Things that you should know

when dog licks you is a sign that they want to communicate with you.

Unlike people, dogs can’t talk, but they have many ways to communicate and express themselves.

Barking, howling or moaning are just some elements of the verbal communication system with which we are very familiar, just like the movement of the tail or the position of the ears belong to their non-verbal communication system.

Licking is another element of how they communicate, so in the next article, we’ll show you the top 5 reasons when dog licks you.

when dog licks you

Five Reasons Why Dogs Lick You

Here are five main reasons to understand why dogs lick:

1. Lick people to get to know them

Smell is a dog’s strongest sense, but they can also learn a lot from what they perceive through taste: licking another dog’s mouth can indicate whether food is nearby, and the behavior can serve as a way to ask you for food. Way.

A person’s smell tells a dog a lot about their chemical makeup (hormones and other chemicals in their skin), their health, and their state of mind.Thus, in Canines greet each other by licking each other and they do it with humans too. If he tastes something delicious, the next thing is to find you for dinner.

2. He likes your taste

Sometimes the answer to why a dog licks is the most obvious: your dog. Licking you because he likes the smell or because he’s cleaning you.

Some dogs like the smell of certain creams. It seems some dogs prefer salty flavors, so as your dog licks off your salty human sweat after a workout, he loves it! Other dogs, on the other hand, assume that you don’t know how to clean yourself properly, so they will politely help you groom and lick to help you feel clean again.

3. Dog licking is an act of obedience and respect

Licking is also a show of respect and obedience to the dog. If your dog lays down and licks your feet, this may be his way of showing you respect.Just like they lick members of other groups or social groups to show that they accept hierarchy, if your dog licks you, it means to him that you are the leader of the group. Therefore, it is your responsibility to guide him and teach him how to behave.

4. Lick Anxiety

Licking can be a sign of anxiety. Licking yourself, licking objects, or licking yourself can relieve anxiety.if you think may have some type of anxiety, consult your veterinary. You can also read This article Here we explain how to treat a mistrustful or insecure dog, even using a series of Relax Help you solve problems.

5. He licks you because he loves you

most licking is love. Mother dogs lick and stimulate their pups, so this is one of their most important social cues. To show affection, he might lick your hand when you come into the house or after you pet him (your dog will respond with a friendly gesture).

Two-Way Communication Learning to communicate with your dog is essential in the human-dog relationship.learn more about her This article In its second part, the other projects.

What to do when dog licks you?

As we explained to you, dogs see licking as a communicative act, so if you scold him for doing it, he’ll be very confused. In this case, the best thing you can do is divert their attention to other, more interesting activities.

Channel energy by letting it lick an object: for example, you can pick up a hong kong toy Then spread it with some kind of cream or sauce that the dog can lick to his liking so the dog will suck on the toy until he is completely satisfied and calm.


Worried my dog ​​won’t stop licking me?

If his behavior is very repetitive and he’s trying to lick you all day long, then he may have OCD and you should see a veterinarian or canine zoologist for treatment. These behaviors must be handled with great care and always consult a professional as they can lead to self licking which can lead to serious injury or skin problems. Remember that sometimes, by eliminating a behavior, we make way for a worse one, which is not what we want.

These are the top 5 reasons dogs lick their owners. Do you identify with your dog’s behavior?

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