“Will dog whiskers grow back? 3 Things You Need to Know About Whether They Will Grow Back”

Will Dog Whiskers Grow Back or Won’t They Grow Back: What to Know About When and How to Grow It Back

If we cut them off, will they go back to how they were? in how long? Everything you need to know about whether your dog’s whiskers will regrow.

will dog whiskers grow back


Wonder what happens when we cut off Fido’s mustache? First, let’s ask ourselves whether it is convenient to cut them off, and whether cutting them will have any effect on the dog’s health. After trimming, will a dog’s whiskers return to their original appearance, or is it possible that they will remain that way forever? Probably all you need to know about this element is not just the “decoration” of its beautiful nose.

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It’s not just about aesthetics

pug's whiskers

Do we think that not cutting a dog’s beard is just an aesthetic choice? In fact, those who don’t know it can do Fido damage. In fact, while they make his face cute and distinctive, a dog’s whiskers are more than just a habit. Not just aesthetics, as in the case of cats (read here: Cat whiskers: Here’s what they’re for and why you shouldn’t cut them off).

They are hairs, similar to all hairs that cover the body, but the difference lies in their thickness (they are actually harder to touch) and they have a very important function. These whiskers help the dog orient itself in space, like a kind of non-technical navigator, thanks to the nerve endings at the base and blood vessels in the hair follicles. Fido can sense the distance of nearby objects, allowing it to better move through space without bumping into them awkwardly.

Dog whiskers grow back: what would happen if we cut them off

what would happen if we cut them off

Aside from aesthetic concerns (who said Fido with a short beard was prettier?), a dog with a beard clipped loses the aforementioned ability to orient itself in the space in which it moves. Also, in keeping with the general function of the coat, the whiskers protect the dog’s face and muzzle from dust and tiny objects that could injure him. In fact, “feeling, sensing” its presence is enough to prevent its entry through the nose, mouth or eyes.

When we shorten a beard, if we cut too much at the base (where the nerve endings are) we can injure it and make it bleed (if we were to touch the follicle). In practice, they help a dog’s senses of smell and touch: even with these, dogs are able to sense the temperature of objects, so stay away from them if they’re too hot or too cold. Anyway, let him go!


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Regrowth: yes or no?


But if we accidentally cut his beard off, or it falls off by itself, will it grow back or will it remain short for the rest of his life? The (reassuring) answer is yes. As mentioned earlier, whiskers are the same as the hair that covers a dog. So unless there is a serious health issue, like hair loss in dogs, they will grow back like everyone else. Growth time depends on how long it takes to grow back all the dog hair when we clip it.

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